The positive effects of network connectivity in Industry 4.0 on the entire production process are defined as consistent transparent production. If the network connection is successful, this transparent type of production provides an overview of all production and logistics processes in the entire supply chain, from order processing to delivery to the customer. In this way, material and resource consumption is reduced. In addition, production and supply networks are optimized holistically. Intelligent tracking and monitoring solutions generate data and information that enable uninterrupted detection, identification and traceability of the product and material in the networked process chain.

Seamless networking: in line of sight  of every product

The technical possibilities of tracking and tracing solutions are diverse. The selection of the appropriate identification technology for the best possible reading performance and system integration depends on the current requirement. In the smart factory, RFIDs and programmable cameras come to the fore as Industry 4.0 compatible solutions. The sensor system installed along the production chain detects which assembly steps need to be started via data carriers and ensures continuous transparency until delivery.


Transparency for every process

Sensor intelligency technohlogy today means not only determining the reality, but also processing the information in the sensor appropriately. In this way for example thanks to a flexible output format, the data output can be fully adapted to the requirements by adjusting and combining logical conditions. Therefore, in the future, every technology will have its own mandate: RFID allows, for example, data carriers to be read and written and used multiple times with it, and a direct “contact of sight” is not required. In contrast, camera-based code readers also read 2D codes and plain text. Recorded images can be archived and analyzed.