Since 1947 until this day, Kamal Agha continues to operate from the city of Gaziantep on the silk road. Kamal Agha kept the unique flavor passing from one generation to another.

As the third generation running this business, we aim to expand our reach in this country and beyond its boarders and we strive to provide the opportunity for all people from all ages to taste our unique flavors.

Gaziantep, Antioch and Aleppo are not only strategically located cities on the silk road, but culturally rich and diverse as well. They are considered to be one the grand commercial cities in the region as well, especially in terms of food production.

Today we strive to foster our heritage and the family’s tradition of serving organic and healthy food, rich with flavors to the people on the silk road just like our grandfather did for years before.

We aim at Kamal Agha to fulfil the needs of our clients in Turkey and abroad, whether they are wholesalers or retailers. Our goal is to create and develop new partnerships in the local and international market.

We are glad to provide the best organic products at a highly competitive price.

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All of our products are produced thanks to R&D efforts of our engineers. We present you the legacy of taste that spans via the countries on the Silk Road, from China to Yemen and the treasure of taste that we inherited from our Grandfather Kemal Ağa.

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We have started producing Turkish Delight in 1957 in Kapalı Çarşı.

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Kemal starts his career in 1947.


Kemal Ağa and his sons establishes Tat Restaurant in 1969

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TAT GLOBAL FOOD is a company that provides services to national and international clients, a company that meets the demands of its customers by constantly developing and growing with investments in line with long-term relations with its suppliers and customers.

TAT GLOBAL FOOD; is a strong team that aims to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, meeting the changing customer needs, and offering high quality products and services.

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Registry to Chamber of Commerce in 1972

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Tat Restaurant was established in 1977